How Do I Beat Levels?

Each level has one or more goals which must be completed to move forward. There are a different types of level goals:

  • Coins Earned - On these levels, you need to earn a certain amount of coins.  Coins are collected by serving dishes.  You earn more coins when serving combos.  Make sure you serve the dishes quickly so the time does not run out or you run out of customers. 
  • Number of Dishes - Food and drink served to a customer is called a “dish”.  Some levels require that a certain number of dishes be served to win. Keep your customers happy so they don't leave before you can serve them. 
  • Number of Likes - Every time you serve a customer while keeping them happy, you get a "like."  Some levels require a certain number of likes to win.  This goal is represented by a "thumbs up." Make sure you serve the dishes quickly or you won't receive the like.

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