Test your knowledge in thousands of different categories and place on one of the Know It or Blow It Leaderboards to showcase your game dominance to all players.

Daily Leaderboard

The daily Leaderboard displays the players who have won the most amount of gold coins within the current day. At the end of the day, the Leaderboard resets.

Friend Leaderboards

This Leaderboard pits you against your Facebook friends - a decisive way to prove you’re smarter than them!

All-Time Leaderboards

This Leaderboard has some prestige attached to it; it ranks the top gold coins winners of all time, along with the staggering amount of coins they’ve won! Where do you rank?

Tournament and Event Leaderboards

Special tournaments and events also have Leaderboards, to track who’s in the lead! These Leaderboards will only appear while the events are active.

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